Monday, September 8, 2008

my 20 week appointment!

my 20 week appointment is today and i'm so excited!!
i get to see my baby girl do tricks for me!
she likes to show off for the ultrasound tech!
she gets real excited when she comes around.
haha.. maybe she's mad and doesn't like it at all
all i know is that she goes crazy in my belly!

i have a request!!
if anyone has a scanner that i can use
that would be MARVELOUS!
please let me know!!
i only have a billion ultrasound pictures that no one can see
because they aren't up here!
i can't get them up here without a scanner dangit!
help me out friends!
i know that you'd love to see them!
they're just plain adorable.

1 comment:

NatNat&Jack said...

I have a scanner at my work, I don't know if it would work though. But ya we can always try :)