Friday, September 26, 2008


as usually i forgot yesterday was thursday. (my days are all off this week) but here we go. ughh... i'm really thankful that we have a place to stay. i don't know what i'd do without my parents helping us out BUT c'monnnnnnnn... we need our own place to live!!!!! why can't we find anywhere to live?!! man.. it's so dang hard and it stresses us both out so much. i know that we can't mooch off my parents forever and especially since the baby is almost here! my heckk... we really need to get a place of our own!

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Meagen said...

Hey girl,

So are you and Nick looking for a place then? I recently found out the family in the unit below mine is moving. I'm not sure if/when the condo will be for rent, but if it does would you like me to let you know? It's 2 bed/1 bath. SUPER CUTE. You can come take a look at mine if you want, they are identical. I'm not sure what the rent is because we have different owners, but mine is $650/mo so I'd image it's in the same range. Oh yeah, it's in Orem, like 10 minutes from work.

Anyway, I will keep my eye on it if you'd like. It would be the perfect size for you, nick, and baby! Let me know!

Have a great weekend!