Thursday, May 22, 2008

random bloggg

how does taco friend sound for lunch?
i thought so too.

la la la la la la la..
bored bored bored at work.

haha.. so walking into work today i see this guy walking on the sidewalk ahead of me and i think to myself "do i look up and smile? look up and say hi or completely just leave myy head down?"
well, i decide to look up and smile but instead of getting a smile back i get this total
creeper look from him and all i can think is ew ew ew..
sick old man.

i don't know about you but i think this weather suckkkks.
it's just awful.

ooooh man.. i just hurt myy finger so freakin bad.
i'm reaching in myy pocket to get my mangled old key card and it happens to have
staples in it holding it togther.
as i'm reaching into myy pocket, one of those staples goes underneith (spelling?) myy finger nail
and JABS me until myy finger is dripping with blood.
ouch if you ask me.
freakin ouch.
haha.. all better now tho.
dumb key card.

i jump around a lot.. myy thoughts are all crazy
haha. oh well.

jake posted a new blog.
tah tah for now.
lets go check it out!

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