Wednesday, May 7, 2008

myy color.

i was looking on a co-workers blog and found this cool little "survey". well, i took it myself and these are the answers i got. i think it's pretty cool and i feel like it's almost exactlyy right. haha.. i'm new at this so i guess i don't have much else to blog about yet.

Color: So, I see that you picked the color Baby Blue, very interesting. Your selection of Baby Blue typifies a “Caregiver” brand personality. This means that your deepest desire is to protect people from harm and your outlook on life involves serving others in a caring and compassionate way. You’ve got a heart of gold and are willing to sell it to feed the poor—what are you doing in marketing?

Hero: Your choice of Oprah Winfrey as a role model was especially interesting. Using our complex interpretative skills, this means you admire “Sage” type of individuals and most likely picture yourself in the same category. This means that your primary strategy in life is to seek out internal change through exploration of the human mind and spirit. You often are thought of as self-reflective and might subscribe to a number of spiritual truths.

Movie: Your selection of Three Amigos indicates that, while relaxing, you display “Jester” traits. A proper translation informs me that your primary goal in life is to live merry and help others to do the same. Your unexpected outlook on life leads to creative solutions to life’s problems.

Transport: What kind of person are you behind the wheel? Well, your selection of BMW M3 says you should own a bumper sticker saying “Honk if you’ re a ‘Lover’.” This means that the gifts you offer those around you are passion, gratitude, and commitment. You’re wonderfully appreciative of those around you and the love that you have for the world oozes out of you like raspberry filling in a glazed doughnut.

Snack: Yummm… your selection of Beef Jerky means you’ve got great taste in vending machine cuisine. It also means that you are most like an “Outlaw” brand personality. This means that in addition to your snack of choice, you might also enjoy reading Rolling Stone Magazine, drinking expired milk, dating a former inmate, all while riding cross-country on your Harley-Davidson.

So, overall you seem like a well-intentioned and well-rounded person. Your mother or parental guardian should be proud.

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Clevrwetnoodle said...

HAHA! Poop! Gorilla!? Funnay.
You just left a second ago and I can't stop laughing. I tried to explain it to Sharley and RArthur. They didn't appreciate poop as much as me!