Friday, May 16, 2008

bored at workk blogging.

tonight is the vivster's birthday dinner. only, no boys allowed.. haha.. poor nicky poo. it's okay.
aw man, nicholas is sicky! we can't tell if it's allergies or a cold.. who knows but it's sad. poor guy. i gotta get him some medicine.

i missed most of grey's :( damn.. it was good at the end tho. dangit. i'm really sad i missed it!

*side note* i just ripped a hang nail off of myy finger and it killed! dangggg..

well.. this morning, i went to get a pedicure! FUN! myy little toes are just adorable!
i did a cool color! it's almost black but it has a sparklyy red tone to it! cute! annnnd i got the cutest little flower on em too!
i would put a picture up but, i took it and it doesn't look very good. heh.. does the cuteness no justice. hmmph.

soooo one of myy good buddies is getting married soon. wanna know when?? 06/07/08 HOW CUTE! :)
her name is shelbyy and she reads myy blog. i figure i better give her a shout out! love ya shelbs.

(myy finger still hurts)

sooo i'm drinking this delicious amp drink. it's new. and delicious.

it's the orange one.
just thought i'd share.

i'm not sure what else to "blog" about..
this was a boring one.
thanks for stickin' through the whole thing.
you're a true friend

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shelbyannsnyder said...

Woot! I love when you give me a shout out on your page. I heart it.