Thursday, May 15, 2008

things that should go..

this is myy "things that should go" list.. for today. :)

  • having to wake up at six to take nickk to work.
  • when i have to say "how are you doin?" when i can tell the customer is upset and they're gonna say "i'm bad!"
  • my dirtyy car.
  • my unwillingness to clean myy dirtyy car.
  • dave.
  • the fact that myy parents royally screwed me on myy taxes. thanks guys.
  • myy need for mini eggs.
  • customers that could answer their own questions but insist on calling and wasting myy day away.
  • myy myspace when i have no messages or anything
  • myy blog. no one reads it anyway..i have no friends haha
  • me being a whiner face :) haha
  • dave. again. ya.. he's got to go
  • car sales men.
welp.. that's myy list for the day. not much but eh.. i blogged. it's good enough for me.
maybe i'll add to it if i feel the need.

love you all.


Meagen said...

Hey I read your blog! Your list made me laugh!

Rachelle said...

Ahhhh I love it. way too funny. One more week!!!