Friday, May 30, 2008

hi hi hi

hi everyone. :] how are you? i'm fine thanks!
i'm bored, but feeling fine.
i've been a little sick lately but nothing too extreme, when i take nick to work at
i have to take a piece of bread with me to get something in myy tummy
so that i don't get sickyy.
other than that, i'm feeling mighty fine.

nick is real excited about this baby in myy tummy! :] haha.. i'm super happy about that!
ya know what??
my whole family is WAYYY excited!
that makes everything a lot easier on both of us.

hahaha... would you like to hear how we told myy parents??

well.. i had this idea as i'm getting off work so i pick up nick and we head to wal-mart,
while we were there, i got two small bags, a pink one and a blue one and we got tissue paper to make it all cute,
then, we bought one baby bib that says "i love grandpa" and another one that says
"i love grandma"
how cute!
we put them in the bags and made them all cute and then drove home, i walked in the house
and they were in the kitchen so i gave my dad the blue one with his
bib in it and nick gave the pink one to jessica (my step mom)

ps. he was wayyy scared and he didn't wanna do it
but he was a trooper so i compromised and told him he didn't have to hand the blue bag to myy father!

well myy dad looked in the bag and said "who's this for?"
hahaha.. silly dad.

anyway, everyone is really excited and
being really helpful!

i'm really excited for an adorable baby boy or girl!

nick's gonna be a little daddy!
how cute!

ahh i just can't wait!!

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russ&shelby said...

oh geeze I'm glad you finally made a post! I was having Whitley withdrawals. :) P.S. I'm cool like you have have a blog. Woot Woot! check it out, yo.