Wednesday, May 7, 2008

the zoo.

heyy. so sunday, nick, myy little brother cayden and i went to the zoo. it was fun! it was such an amazing dayy i just could not stayy in the house. well we got ready and started heading up there, we stopped to pick up cayden and then went to micky d's to feed our faces! after that we got right on the freeway and started to head up there.

dang! the zoo is hard to find! we just drove and drove and drove and then i finally freaked out and got off the freeway because i'm terrified of getting lost in salt lake and i didn't want to just keep driving into no where. we got off and nick was trying to be "mister directions" and was trying to tell me where to go even though he had no idea either! haha.. well, to make matters worse, he was blaring his ridiculous music and it was driving me nuts so i turned it down and i guess i did it with a little "attitude" and he said "why are you mad?" haha.. i said "i'm not mad i just don't want to listen to your dumb music!!" only technically i didn't "say" it. ANYWAY we ended up pulling up to a gas station and asking for directions turns out that we were like, two streets away from the damn zoo.. no need for my fit that i threw.

we made it to the zoo just fine and the day was great from there! the animals were pretty playful.. other than the cats.. i'm sure they were pretty hot in their winter coats an all. the monkeyys were fun EXCEPT

this sickk little guy pooped in his hand and ATE IT eww ew. ew.
i felt really bad for him tho.. he was eating paper, and his own poop, he can't be normal? why aren't they giving him FOOD?? i'm sad about it but, i guess there isn't much that i can do about it.

all in all, the day was great. i loved being able to hang out with myy best friend and myy favorite little brother ;]

i'm ready for myy close up whitleyy

happy feet!!

do you measure up??

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