Thursday, May 8, 2008


ughh.. so this workk business is really gettin to me. i really just wish that i could have an earlier shift at the most. i can't stand working til seven. it's awful and if i were to really get what i wanted, i'd be outta the customer service team and on to different things. i'm over it here.. i just want to do something else while still working for Doba. it's a great company and i've loved every minute of it but i just hate the way customers are.. in one word?
end of story.

on a lighter note
nick and i had a good night.. went to the att store to get him a new phone and get this, we walk in, tell the sales guy that he needs a new phone and he says "oh, here's the cheapest one we have" whhhhat?? who said ANYTHING about cheap?? seriouslyy tho it's gotta be cuz he's blackk.. what a jerk sales man.. nickk ended up getting a not so cheap phone just to shove it in the sales guys face.. just to show him that blackk guys aren't poor. haha..

ohhh snap!
i ate some delicious otter pops last night AND (meagen, i know you'll appreciate this one!) i found a whole bag of cadbury mini eggs!
yesss! i am in loooove with them

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Meagen said...

How rude of that sales guy! Nick should have kicked him in the face. haha. OH HAPPY DAY you found mini eggs!!!!! Those are little presents straight from heaven.